My Love of Dancing

HI! My name is Cyndi and I am dedicating this page to my favorite activity -- DaNcInG!! I was on the drill team for three year at Wylie High School and was an officer! (**HI PACESETTERS**) I have included a few links to dancing sites that I thought other dancers might enjoy visiting. I am trying to find good sites about movies that include such films as Dirty Dancing and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. As soon as I find some worthy sites, I will include them. This site will be constantly changing - so bookmark it and keep coming back! If you know of any awesome dancing sites please email them to me. I will be on the lookout for better sites. I have also included links to other homepages! Email me at NOW I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THE TIME TO CONGRATULATE MY OLD DRILL TEAM - THE PACESETTERS - WHO DID ANY AWESOME JOB AT CAMP!!!

Links to other Homepages

Cyndi's Dance Recital: My first website - this email adress no longer works and I unable to edit because I saved my password in my email! Smart, huh?
Cynthia Rose's Modeling Page: A few picture of me to help me get some exposure!
Garett's Home Page: The home page of a VERY special friend

My Snazzy List of Noteworthy Dance Links

School of Dance:
Cheerleading, Drill/Dance and Colorguard Uniforms - Pep Threads:
DanceUSA Homepage:
DTDA: For dance/drill team directors
Dance Art Work on the Net: Pictures you might enjoy - includes the wonder Degas
Mar's Dance Page:
The Dance Centre:
Dance Pages:
Dance Links:
Dance Online:
Dancer Online - check out their Dancer Links Page:
Henry's Dance Hotlist: Lots of links to dance sites
DanceArt Home Page: Even includes a chat room just for dancers

Movie Links (More Coming Soon)

Grease, The Home Page: A wonderful place to visit

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